Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More work on the alien dude

Wish I had taken more pictures of the baking process and all the inbetweens...
Sorry, guys.

I'll give you the rundown.

Redid the ears. Thought they looked too much like wings. So I looked up a reference pic of a cute little alien with big ears then sculpted again.
Found out that I really should have not cut the top of the head open so early on. Should've waited 'til after the baking process. The ears are so heavy, they have totally misshapen the head. If I had waited to cut the hole, maybe the head wouldn't have gotten all "Hey Arnold" on me.
Ah well. The top of the head will be coming off anyway, so hopefully I can disguise it with a bit of faux fur.
I was also going to take the face and tummy and booty off of the Munny after it baked so that I could lay those pieces on top of the fur. The tummy came off fine. But... looks like I'll have to play around with making the fur line up with the other pieces.
Anyway, baking is done. Painted it with primer. Now time to paint. Huzzah!


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