Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Productive? Day

Today was fairly uneventful, but still fun. :) And I'd like to think that I was productive. The Slouchies and I all watched the first season of Heroes today. So many questions from them afterwards, but it was still enlightening for everyone.

Spent most of the day on my DeviantArt page, joining different groups and advertising. I am currently doing an art trade with the wonderful Kat250. I can't WAIT to get my LolliDoll. :D


Here are some of the newest Slouchies to join the crew, all still up for adoption at my Etsy page:

Flower Power SlouchyPrincess SlouchyBunny Slouchy


These Slouchies have recently been adopted, but I hope that their new owners will send pictures of them in their new homes so that their Slouchy friends can see how they're doing. :)

Vintage SlouchyMeannie SlouchyCandySlouchy


Everyone please remember to find me on Facebook. Just type in "Cleody Skye Creations" into the search bar. :) Every once in awhile I will post free shipping coupons and possibly contests.

Also, please remember to visit my deviantArt page.

Keep adopting and help me stay my own boss! And help these little guys find homes and happiness!

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